Facebook launches gameshows platform with interactive video

Gameshow launch partners include Fresno’s What’s In The Box, where viewers guess what’s inside, and...



Fresno is launching "Whats In The Box". Exclusively on Facebook Live


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An LA startup says it's 'found a better way' to pick hit shows — and it's already won Hollywood backing


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Today's Content Wars: Part 1

Founder and CEO of Fresno Unlimited, Rob Goldberg, sat down with host Tara Moore for the new podcast R/GA FutureVision, to discuss the disconnect between Silicon Valley and Hollywood, and what the two industries can learn from each other..

- R/GA 

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Digital Entertainment Impact Report: Execs to Watch in 2018

Tech and media entrepreneur Goldberg is angling to get premium-content greenlighting down to a data science — based on the wisdom of social-media crowds — with his Santa Monica-based start-up... 


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Fresno, Data-Driven Digital Studio Startup, Raises $8 Million in Seed Funding

Fresno founder and CEO Rob Goldberg wants to take some heavy data science and put it to work in producing entertainment — and he’s banked $8 million in outside financing to get the digital studio rolling into higher gear...


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HBO, AwesomenessTV Veterans Land at Social Video Startup Fresno

Tim Mohn, who helped create HBO GO while at the cable network, will serve as chief technology officer, while Grant Gibson, former head of digital programming at AwesomenessTV, will run content science... 


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Cousin Sal, Bill Simmons’ Gambling Guru, Will Help You Pay For College

He’s no longer on ESPN, but Cousin Sal is still offering up his NFL picks on a weekly basis, apparently making fellow gamblers enough money to put their kids through a semester of school...


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TheWrap’s 2016 Innovators List: 11 Change Agents Who Are Disrupting Hollywood

Rob Goldberg is a seasoned entrepreneur looking to bring a touch of Silicon Valley to Hollywood...


“Cousin Sal’s Sure Thing” is a new branded online show created specifically for Facebook...